About A Dummy’s Guide to Voting in the EU Elections

A Dummy’s Guide to Voting in the EU Elections is the only guide you need to how to vote in the EU elections – even if you’re a dummy. All you need to do is answer a few short questions and we’ll let you know the party that best suits you. Don’t have it in you to go through all the questions? Then just vote for the Greens (that’s us! Thanks!) You can find the Green party in your country here.
Who is behind this site?

This site and guide is proudly brought to you by the European Greens. We bring together national parties from across the European continent that share the same Green values and political priorities: the climate and environment, social justice, freedom, peace and democracy.

How are the results calculated?

The guide consists of ten questions, with between four and six alternative answers for each question.

Each answer you select assigns one point to one or more of the major party groups in the European parliament, based on our analysis of their political priorities and prior voting behavior. So for example, answering the first emoji question with 💚🌈💪 would give one point for the European Greens, whereas answering ✊🟥🏭 would give one point to the Left.

At the end of the quiz, we display the result that best matches your answers – that is, the highest scoring party group based on your answers.

In the case of a tie between two or more parties, we randomly display one of the parties as your result. Unless one of those parties is the Greens – in that case we always show the Greens. Again, we are the European Greens and this is a Dummy’s Guide. So what do you expect?

Is this really credible?
We think so, and even if our tone is sometimes humorous, all answers are based on our analysis of party’s political priorities and prior voting behavior.

But if you want an independent recommendation, you could for example have a look at this scorecard developed by WWF and others. They think we’re pretty great!